Mama always said…

That when I find ‘the one’ I’ll ‘just know’. She could never describe to me what that meant, but she said I’ll know. I’ll have a feeling. Something I myself cannot puts into words. And well. I’ve found this one. I can try and go into to detail as to everything she is to and for me, but you’ll get tired of reading long before I’m done typing. I’ve known for some time she is IT. And so has she. I’ve finally decided to share with you.
As a realist and a bit of a cynic, I always thought I’d be alone and was content with such. Then this wonder came from nowhere and literally changed my life. I’m not religious but for all intents and purposes, I’m blessed. She is a better person than I. Very compassionate and warm. Blah blah. You get it. I get it. I have it. Not letting go. Not going anywhere. So when I gush from time to time. Well. You just have to deal with it. You’ll get your music. Shoes. Sports. Video games. Randomness. Just bare with me. I’m fuckin ECSTATIC!

Shawn Chrystopher’s “Like a Kid Again” tour

The dates for the first half of Shawn Chrystopher’s “Like a Kid Again” tour (presented by Myspace Music) have been released. For more info, as well as ticket purchases, please visit :

March 12th: San Francisco

March 25th: Los Angeles

April 3rd: Seattle

April 4th: Riverside, CA

April 10th: Atlanta

April 16th: New York

April 29th: Salt Lake City, UT

El Prez & Shawn Chrystopher’s Best of 2009

From Eazee’s Best of Series. I would’ve posted earlier but I had a problem with some of the embed codes.

Newest Webisode: Best of 2009 Inglewood Edition pt. 1 with El Prez & Shawn Chrystopher

Another episode of The Best of 2009 web series presented by Eazee Street. In this episode I sit down with two Inglewood representers off the heels of their video Inglewood that’s all over the internets. They run down their Best of 2009 and though they’re both from Inglewood it’s pretty dope to see the similar picks and the differences. FCC Up!!

Dale Danja – Cheap By Nature

This is the debut solo album from the Los Angeles based self proclaimed rapper/producer extraordinaire DALE DANJA. Formerly a member of the group CHEAP$KATE$, he is making his mark as a solo artist on the L.A. rap scene under his independent record label CHEAP$KATE$ ENT. “CHEAP BY NATURE” is an excellent display of DALE DANJA’s range in production, lyrical creativity, vocal ability, clever originality, and undeniable talent. Just one of many installments of classic material that music lovers from all around will enjoy from DALE DANJA in the near future. So keep your ears open and stay tuned.

Download Dale Danja – Cheap By Nature

El Prez – Animal Style

Finally El Prez releases the long awaited Animal Style!. Tell em son :

The day is finally here! “Animal Style!” is on the menu…
This is my first true solo project since ‘08 so I held nothing back and brought the best out of myself to give the people an amazing project and look into the FCC/ “Tree House” lifestyle in Los Angeles, circa 2010. “Animal Style!” derived from a hamburger chain that originated in SoCal called In-N-Out, and refers to a special way they prepare the burger and fries that only the locals and savvy customers even knew existed, on a “secret” menu. Being the hamburger aficionado I am (lol), I felt my music and this “food for thought” I was cooking up on this project was made by the city of angels and its inhabitants, and should only be available to them and the people who truly wanted to enjoy my product. For the fans who would scratch, claw, ditch school/work, just to get their hands on some El Prez music, “Animal Style!” was made for them

Download El Prez – Animal Style

Ayomari – The PB&J Solution

The PB&J Solution
Download Link:


1. Choke Sandwich (prod. DizzyBeatsmith)
2. Happy Thoughts f. TiRon (prod. Dj Dahi)
3. My So-Called Twenties w/ TiRon (prod. Cook Classics)
4. Just a Dreamer… f. TiRon (prod. 5kin&Bone5)
5. Day By Day f. TiRon (prod. Sa-Ra Creative Partners)
6. This is an interlude.. (prod. The Flaming Lips)
7. What if this is it? (prod. DJ Dahi)
8. AYOk (prod. Emon)
9. Body Language (prod. Unknown)
10. Everything is Doing Fine f. TiRon (prod. By Exile)
11. Saved Message (Interlude)
12. This is my message.. (prod. Brook D’Leau of J Davey)