Ayomari – The PB&J Solution

The PB&J Solution
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1. Choke Sandwich (prod. DizzyBeatsmith)
2. Happy Thoughts f. TiRon (prod. Dj Dahi)
3. My So-Called Twenties w/ TiRon (prod. Cook Classics)
4. Just a Dreamer… f. TiRon (prod. 5kin&Bone5)
5. Day By Day f. TiRon (prod. Sa-Ra Creative Partners)
6. This is an interlude.. (prod. The Flaming Lips)
7. What if this is it? (prod. DJ Dahi)
8. AYOk (prod. Emon)
9. Body Language (prod. Unknown)
10. Everything is Doing Fine f. TiRon (prod. By Exile)
11. Saved Message (Interlude)
12. This is my message.. (prod. Brook D’Leau of J Davey)

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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