ode to the boy

told the boy i was leaving, this is how it went:

me: tomorrow I’m leaving. I won’t be back anymore. ok

the boy: you leaving to your house

me: yes

the boy: then you coming back here

me: no i’m not gonna be here anymore buddy

the boy: but you love my mama

me: *instant tears*i know, but i won’t be here anymore

the boy: (repeats 3 more times) you love mama, druw

the boy will be 4yrs old monday. He will be in my heart forever.

When Nas – The World leaked I loved the production by Kanye. The lyrics meant nothin till The Boy was brought in my life. then at least a part of them were ever relevant.

a new life soon begins, like I told you “when I’m in, I’m in”….baby girl had a son he was 3, yeah i took him in now she call him little me, i even look like him, naw i mean he look like me, a couple shades darker. . ..

The Beggar

Kinda tired. Haven’t slept much lately (what’s new right?). Woke up this morning with the feeling it was gonna me a mentally taxing day. It was. Can’t help but beat myself up. Weighs on my mind every minute of everyday. Longing. Hoping. Wishing. But worst of all is knowing. And the escape I once had. Only reminds me even more. add to fact that I’m having major sinus problems and migranes from sinus pressure. When it rains, it pours. But i know The sun will shine. Just takes time. So I’ll continue the beautiful struggle to find peace. Once found, now lost; the actions were mine, thus my heart must pay the cost.