ode to the boy

told the boy i was leaving, this is how it went:

me: tomorrow I’m leaving. I won’t be back anymore. ok

the boy: you leaving to your house

me: yes

the boy: then you coming back here

me: no i’m not gonna be here anymore buddy

the boy: but you love my mama

me: *instant tears*i know, but i won’t be here anymore

the boy: (repeats 3 more times) you love mama, druw

the boy will be 4yrs old monday. He will be in my heart forever.

When Nas – The World leaked I loved the production by Kanye. The lyrics meant nothin till The Boy was brought in my life. then at least a part of them were ever relevant.

a new life soon begins, like I told you “when I’m in, I’m in”….baby girl had a son he was 3, yeah i took him in now she call him little me, i even look like him, naw i mean he look like me, a couple shades darker. . ..