They say people never change. I disagree. I’ve changed. Now it’s time for me to change again. I’ve had a motivation to become a better person for some time. Yet I kept in my old ways. Subbornly ignoring promises I had made. To myself and others. I have vowed to make the changes I originally set forth to make. I will no longer make excuses. Change is about YOU. I want to keep the people (read: person) that I love in my life. I have kept some promises. But not the important ones. Not the ones that lead to my ultimate goal. Forever is a very long time. That’s the time I want. That’s the time I intend to have. It’s up to me to hold my end of the bargain. Take care of me first. Then I can take care of those around me. Responsibility. Living to my expectations I have of myself. And those I made promises to.