Donut Of The Heart

Time heals all wounds right? Please tell me it can mend love too. They say all we have is time. Precious little time. You’re never promised another minute. So when you find love, you try and hold on for as much time as you can. Whether a day, or the rest of your life. I’m gonna hold on. Hold out hope. It WILL NOT be a waste of time. I’m fighting for what I want. If I lose? I tried, gave my all for it. If I succeed? Well then, I’ll be as happy as I’ve ever been and I’ll never stray off the path. Either way I have learned my lesson.

Everything happens for a reason right? So this can have a positive outcome whether I succeed in my quest or not. There’s always something to learn. Something to gain. So succeed or fail, it’s just gonna take more time.

**10 cool points for the person who knows the title reference