Classic Track: Soul Edition

I was introduced to this song via the movie Dirty Dancing (still one of my favs of all time, gives a eff what you say). Growing up I liked the song but never truly got it. All grown up and now I can FEEL it. Understand it. Understand the reason it’s a timeless classic. Otis Redding has always been regarded as a SOUL man. And god damn if it ain’t the truth. Call it clichè for me to choose this song, but it’s undeniable.

**btw the dirty dancing soundtrack is FIRE

Run To The Sun

Doin my best. Leavin it to the powers that be. I deserve what I want. But as you can always see, that’s not always what you get (in this case it’s(it’ll be) my fault if I don’t). I’m gonna do my do. Put myself the best situation I can then….Waiting game…. Hope I win this one. Cuz this is the one I need. Want. Desire…..