no one will

How much can one learn from love
How much can two learn by livin’ like we do

So much I get from your touch
The memories have conquered me got me callin’ out to you
In my way, no one will, no one will
Appreciate the way you move, the way you step & your attitude
What I say, no one will, no one will
Take a dive in the deepest part to swallow your flow & nectar
We laugh, we laugh, we laugh, when we love, when we love
Said we laugh, we laugh, laughter is inside our love yeah

So tell me how much can two learn from pain
Can one explanation derail the destination
Well, maybe, I’m insane
But don’t you hold it against me girl
I’m a lunatic with conviction
I said, no one will, no one will, no one will
Appreciate everything you are, nurture you & your open heart
What I say, no one will, no one will
Give you all you want & more
Help you find what you’re looking for
We laugh, we laugh, we love Love

When I touch you, when I think about how I wanna touch you
It feels like I have so much to look forward to
And uh, it’s all I ever want to feel
That’s all I ever NEED to feel
To be without it, is too much.
To be without it

Shawn Chrystopher – The Audition EP

HERE IT IS!!! Shawn Chrystopher’s first official project since the release
of his debut album “A City With No Seasons” back in August 2009! The EP
features the songs “Like a Kid Again”, “Can’t Take That From Me”, and “No

To receive a hard-copy of the EP mailed to your home, sign up for Shawn’s
Street Team via his site

download and tracklist after the cut

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