Anything’s Possible

And nothing’s impossible.

I used to be a spiritual person. NOT religious. Spiritual. I believe in something. I don’t have to be sure of what/who it is, but there’s something higher. That I’m sure of. Something that made someone discover how to make fire. Made someone stumble across the internets (cuz yall know the internets was an accident). Something that made sure I was still alive and had hope. My ‘motto’, if you will, was ‘something’s gotta give’. All this bad happens but at some point something good HAS to happen right? The bad will always outweigh the good, if you let it. Gotta see past it. On the rare occasion I look up and talk to whom/whatever is there, I feel helpless. I know everything in life is lesson. For better or worse. The good and the bad. But at the end of the day, what I want isn’t up to me. It may be my fault things are where they’re at, but I have no real control over my redemption. So I’ll continue to look up and hope. Something’s gotta give, right?