Want You To Want Me

i suffer from insomnia. sometimes it sucks, sometimes it just is. you get used to it. well i did. Last night was particularly rough. I couldn’t really sleep AT ALL. but i was so tired. Add to the fact that I’m living with the heartbreak of FAILING the love of my life. Sometimes it’s just too much (emotionally that is). I never really cared about much. I didn’t loathe life, but i was very closed minded. This whole situation has opened my eyes to LIFE. What I had/have, what I can attain, all that good ish. BUT it always made me see what I lost and am losing. HER. Everything she is and was and continues to be. EPIC FAIL. If I could describe perfection. She surpassed that. And I? I lost sight of the goal. Lost sight of myself. Me failing myself may have been the biggest fail. It is because I failed to live up to my own standards that I caught this L. Need to blame someone? look in the mirror. I’ve had plenty bad luck and bad situations I was placed in and couldn’t control. But this here? Naw, it’s on me;  that’s the absolute worst part. I can’t just write it off. Do I love her enough to let go? yes. But I’m not ready yet. I need some time.

Take care of yourself & everything will fall into place” I agree. but my plans were to include you into that. that’s the problem. So no matter how successful and happy I become. Something will ALWAYS be missing. BUT Thank You. your support means the world to me.


**funny thing is (to me, at least) now i understand all these corny R&B love songs about heartbreak. like this one (that I ignored and never really paid no attention to, until it came on pandora the other day)(first verse especially):