i be major slackin

since the untimely passing of my auntie i been slackin. I just checked the Bananaclipse3.0 gmail and see that people is hittin the inbox with ish. I appreciate it and i will no longer continue the slackin. BIG SHOUT to Spec Boogie and the Lessondary fam for sendin me the link to Callin Me. it the song of the week for me. I seen it posted at 2DBZ but didn’t know I was privileged to such an email lol.

and shout to Tunji sent me some vid links, but i cant post the embed. sometimes i wish i started this at wordpress…OH WELL

Dark Man X

going to darker note. X is Coming from it’s dark and hell is hot, is a very aggressive grimy offensive song. That is why i love it. I was an angry child and this song made me feel at ease, dont ask why. The 2nd verse is hateful, but call it what u want, i can see it. I feel the anger…


i been MIA cuz i been dealing with the loss of my auntie. her rosary and funeral were a good celebration of her life, and i got to talk to my cousins which is always a plus. Also to a few of the people she took care of (word to chuck, gabe, and carlos). may she be in peace.