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  1. Hello ,
    My name is Ron Clark Co owner of an indepenant record label called Starr Media Group located in New Jersey and Perth Austrailia, I have been following your blog for a little bit now and I must say I truley enjoy it . At the present time My company is gearing up for a major push in the industry and we would like the opportunity to submit our music to you for your reveiw and if possible future blog entries. Please let me know what the process requires .
    Ron Clark

  2. yo,

    lovin the site, I like the way you guys do things. I was wondering if you want to do a link exchange? my site’s called Ghost Faction, it’s a hip-hop site where I write articles and post music from underground and mainstream artists. I’m on the 2dopeboyz blogroll, and i think you would dig my shit. let me know…




  3. i was wondering what i have to do to place ads on your site. I like how it looks, hit me back asap

  4. Hi,
    I rep Our Word Is Bond.com and was wondering if you would put us up as one of your links and we will do the same. Love the site keep up the good work.

    Our Word Is Bond.com

  5. The debut video of Young Foe’s first single ” West Krusin ”
    produced by Mr.Ridley for 2012 Dynasty . Video directed and edited by Joseph Silva

    Konnekt Grimey Ent. / Enrun Enterprise
    Island Def Jam Digital

    Debut album ” Almost There” available on March. 1st 2011 on iTunes,Rhapsody,eMusic,Nokia mp3,Napster mp3, Amazon mp3, Amazon CD,
    IMVU,Amie Street, Zune, & other major digital retail distribution stores.

  6. hey this is david martinez sister and i wanted to get lorenzo and roberts number. its for my brother he needs them urgently and told me to hit u up on here.

  7. Dope site bro,
    I like what your doing for artists and brands..I just sent an email.. #LetsNetwork. My name is Isaiah Perkins and I am the A&R of Acopious Records a Dallas based Indie label and a manger of a talent and creative management group, B!Creativity.
    Any other labels, management and blogs also looking to network and do some cross promotion hit me up at hello@bcrativity.com and check out the site at http://www.bcreativity.com

  8. Peace & Blessings,
    I enjoyed your site! I’m Jean Verite, an artist from Florida and Co-owner of JBMG(Jungle Boy music group), also engineer at Neg Marron Studios. I’m interested in submitting music video’s for review and entry. In interest of networking with me I would like to add you to my website & print your logo on my mixtapes as well. I really hope we both can help each other out.


  9. Rapper from California looking to make a dream come true for his family, music runs in my family’s blood line but I’m the one to bring success which was close but for I feel it coming soon. This is a really great site. I wanna p ut my features on this website you post my mixtape if you like I ask for no monotaries I just wanna shine light on my talent hope you read this like my mixtape and hopefully we can do business you can contact my email feel free to do so. Here is my mixtape link

  10. Good day good sir,
    I’m writing on behalf of the one the amazing artists I’ve heard in recent memory. GRIP H. His second album “A.ll D.ay H.eavy D. rinking” is a unheard classic, so I’m sharing it in hopes that there still room for good MUSIC in hip hop. Grip is currently away on his 3rd tour of duty in Afghanistan which is why I think most people haven’t heard him yet. But while on leave from the desert he filmed the video below. DEF!! worth the listen!!!

    Austin’s Brown Bottle’s Video (Paul Masson and E&J)

    first single off A.D.H.D.
    iWanna (Belvedere Intense and Capri Sun)


    grip_h @twitter


  11. Good Evening I attempted to submit my music via email but the email you have listed was not working. I hope placing it here you will see my latest work. Thanks for your time.

    Paul Brown Ft. Jaison Coles- My Way


    Paul Brown (Feat. Fella Fresh) – You Riding or What


  12. I go By the Name of Fvrdigo and I’m an Ex-Dancehall singjay from Paris that decides to give urban-pop a shot !!!

    I got an Ep inspired by Kanye west and Vybz KArtel comin out in a few —

    We could argue all day about what makes music “good” and whether or not “good music “even exists, but it’s always going to come down to opinion.
    Instead of selling myself like some new sponge-mop vacuum cleaner on a 4 a.m. informercial, I’d rather be honest. I can’t possibly promise that you won’t be disappointed in my music, but I can tell you why I think you’ll like it
    My signature sound is a kind of multilayerd sonic collage, assembled from scraps of diverse musical elements ;
    Reggae, dancehall, rap, pop music.
    The first and probably most important influence on what became my trademark sound was probably my parents’ record collection, from the music of the carribbean, and the music that I grew up with.

    I’ve attached a link fro the single of my ep.
    Thank you for taking time to review my work/music.

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