How To Feel

“You know I tried
To make it right
I wanna make it last forever
If only we could rewind
Unwind. Give it some time
How I wish I had known where my mind would go
I wish I could control it”

“and I can’t be specific
Because I don’t know what I’m feelin
But don’t want to resent this
So I pull away thinkin you’ll be ok
But the second you go
I miss the connection
Another indication that….
I don’t know how to feel… No more”


All gone.

It’s all gone. Every last thing. My phone died, literally. I lost EVERYTHING. Every piece of writing! Every rhyme. Every picture. Every idea. Every contact. As for my project? Down the fuckin drain. My heart is devastated. The last 4 pieces I wrote were heart wrenching to write. They had a lot of meaning to me. And they’re just gone! Sure I have what I posted still. But that’s not nearly what I need or want. Compared to what I lost. sure I have a fancy new phone (I’m a fancy boy). But fuck that!!! That’s what I get for not backing everything up. I’m a fool. Funny thing tho; I was planning on backing it all up today. But it died friday! And completely out of nowhere SMFH

*shouts to @JeromeDickens. He said I was a ‘dope writer’. That meant a whole lot considering what a high regard I have for his book. I guess I just gotta start anew.

I’m in mourning