All gone.

It’s all gone. Every last thing. My phone died, literally. I lost EVERYTHING. Every piece of writing! Every rhyme. Every picture. Every idea. Every contact. As for my project? Down the fuckin drain. My heart is devastated. The last 4 pieces I wrote were heart wrenching to write. They had a lot of meaning to me. And they’re just gone! Sure I have what I posted still. But that’s not nearly what I need or want. Compared to what I lost. sure I have a fancy new phone (I’m a fancy boy). But fuck that!!! That’s what I get for not backing everything up. I’m a fool. Funny thing tho; I was planning on backing it all up today. But it died friday! And completely out of nowhere SMFH

*shouts to @JeromeDickens. He said I was a ‘dope writer’. That meant a whole lot considering what a high regard I have for his book. I guess I just gotta start anew.

I’m in mourning

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

2 thoughts on “All gone.”

  1. im sorry for your loss but thats the thing about writers, we can write anew and your old writings being gone gives u the immense opportunity to sit down and re-evaluate yourself and reinvent your notes…..

    From a writer to another
    U will make it to a new millennium
    u r a dope writer btw!!

  2. yes, very dope writer, i believe everything happens for a reason. keep doing what you do man. -ArtGoonin

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