RIP Phife Dawg

Aw man. This is terrible. But take this time to reflect on what you put into your body. Phife had diabetes. Cut back on your indulgences. Also revisit the ATCQ classics and pay respects to the legends. Both living and passed on. 
**this has some extra sting cuz ATCQ is a huge part of what got me into hiphop


RIP Mike Brown

The kid’s funeral was today. I’ll reserve my judgements about some of the decisions made. But I hope this brought the young man’s soul some peace. Also, his family. There is still a major fight to be fought. But this here isn’t about that. It’s about laying this young man’s soul to rest. A small step towards healing.

I wanted to let yesterday breathe. It was the 5th anniversary of that first fateful night. I wanted it to be a very special day. Instead it was… Nothing. *sigh*
Maybe I’ll have something better about this later. Maybe I won’t. =\