Beyonce released an album?

My take on the beyonce album release.

First, this was always planned. Like Kanye & Jay, releasing quickly with little warning and not much promo. But they saw where Kanye and Jay fumbled and took it to another level. They said instead of announcing it and dropping it, we just gonna drop it (like it’s hot, I’m sorry. Couldn’t resist.). When Kanye and Jay announced the albums? The world went apeshit. But they had time to settle down and they didn’t do as well as projected. By dropping Bey’s album last night seemingly out of thin air? They got to capitalize on the initial buzz and extra buys, in that way. Snap reaction. And they’ll be a proper single and all that shit too so the public at large will all eventually have their chance to know Beyonce has a new album and they need to consume it. Another reason this is and going to be more popular? She has a much wider demographic than hiphop. While we tend to believe Kanye and Jay transcend the genre, the reality is that they are black rapperers and they’ll never “transcend” the genre the way a white rapperer does (eminem). Not to mention the hiphop community has a real problem supporting their own and treats our products as disposable as diapers. Beyonce gets the hiphop crowd. R&B. & Pop. That’s 3 fuckin genres. And despite the fact that I hear she’s gone raunchy on the subject matter. Unsuspecting white folks gonna consume her music because she’s the IT black women for whites to be “hip” to. They’re “down with that brown (ass).” Not to mention the gay market. Jesus, THE GAY MARKET! The problem will be when lesser artists try and emulate this type of no hype releases and get, *dun dun dun* NO HYPE! Very smart ploy though. The internets are on fire and I imagine they will be for more than just today. This is Beyonce. People will keep the word of mouth going one way or another. Good job guys. Sorry Jay, you wearin your girl chain now. “Got the hottest middle-aged rapper in the game, wearin my rang”

RIP Capital STEEZ. a king among men

Read this piece on The Fader bout STEEZ. It’s incredible. Eye opening. We’ll never have the answers we want but it certainly provides more closure to some and answers a few questions. RIP STEEZ

now were a month short from the one year anniversary of his passing but this is still important.

Now I dug STEEZ verses on Joey shit. But I just left it at that. Until SHE told me to check his tape. AmeriKKKan Korruption. And WOW. after that Joey didn’t even exist to me anymore. Cuz in Pro Era I knew STEEZ was THAT dude. I was disappointed when I got Reloaded cuz I had thought it was ALL new songs. But at least we got 7. And when the group tape dropped his verse on Like Water was magical. I IMMEDIATELY cut STEEZ verse into a ringtone (one I still have). Then a couple days later on I’m graveyard and I see the tweets. “The End” then I see Joey’s tweeters. And that’s it. No REAL answers about anything until that article. STEEZ, you are missed.

Karate Chop: the almost song of the year

Replacing Casino with Lil Wayne for a “remix” was 100% the label’s idea to get this song mad buzz. Bad idea for several reasons. Without Wayne this prolly coulda been the song of the year (it’s in my top 5 no fucking doubt. Maybe #1). They realized they had a hit and instead of running with it, they made the same mistake EVERY label makes. LET’S PUT A HOT ARTIST ON AS A FEATURE! Well in this case Wayne immediately KILLED the single and pushed Future’s album back. Due to his unsavory Emmet Till reference and the severe backlash that ensued. single DEAD. The radio is ONLY gonna play a verse or two once this got into constant rotation or in mixes. Casino’s verse would’ve rarely been heard by the public. It would’ve allowed Future to have a stand alone single that HE powered. Not a cut you forced him to play second fiddle on his own song cuz you wanted one of the biggest acts in hiphop drop a shitty ass verse on. Now it’s a mostly forgetten mixtape song that could’ve been a MAJOR smash. You label types don’t learn tho… I’m sorry Future Nayvadius Cash. You didn’t deserve this.


Never stop writing“. I still do. These are pieces of works. Mostly unfinished. But here’s a small glimpse for those of you who have enjoyed my work. I haven’t fed you recently. There are things to come.

“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.”
I’ve seen this a countless number of times. But it’s true. I never thought that meeting you would make you immortal but it has. The only thing about us that will last forever….

Then you wonder have I really let it go? Or have i just convinced myself I have and I’m gonna breakdown again any day now.

Us stupid hopeless romantics. We’re just that, hopeless. Or so full of hope that were hopeless in the eyes of others. So stupid to still believe that one day we will still finally decide to make it work.

We talked about us. And Love
Us & Love. They are one and the same. Well they were… Still are

I say this to say “we were always perfect in moments”. Seems the everLAsting Love we share(d) will only live infinitely in those moments. So now I press on with only the memories left. Searching for the piece to fill the void that only you fit.

Tanya Morgan Rubber Souls 9/24

My good pals Tanya Morgan (for realsies they my pals) are releasing Rubber Souls on Sept 24. You should definitely Pre-order the DELUXE EDITION cuz it’s full of great things like the CD or Vinyl and a T Shirt and other dandies. Or at least preorder the iTunes version. C’mon. C’mon!! Stay tuned as the release singles, videos, merch and THE ALBUM, DUH! So support!!

Track list:

1. For Real
2. The Day I
3. The Only One ft. Tiara Wiles, Mike Maven, Spree Wilson & Rocki Evans
4. Never Too Much ft. Nitty Scott, MC
5. All Em ft. Outasight
6.Pick It Up
7. More ft. Rocki Evans
9. Worldmade
10. The Vehicle ft. Spec Boogie & 6th Sense

Bonus tracks TBA

Ya Tú Sabe

Remember that time NORE saw that reggaeton became a thing in the states and embraced his halfsy puerto ricanness and decided to jump on the wave? 😦 I do. He signed to The Roc’s short lived reggaeton division The Roc La Familia and released an album I wanted no parts of. Although he was on two extreme popular reggaeton songs “Oye Mi Canto” and “Reggaeton Latino”. The latter I heard on constant loop for a couple months in electronics when I worked at target. I had infinite sad faces and suicidal thoughts everyday. I’m sure the move earned him a decent check tho. I just wish he stuck to things like “I’m half Spanish, all day roasting pollo” instead of “Toma reggaeton” smh. I guess we all can’t be perfect.
But shouts to the Latina hoes that pop they coochies to this shit. I enjoy that.

I feel so dirty now. I’m bout to listen to Chief Keef to cleanse my soul.

TerrEnce Clayton – Summer ’06 Beat EP

A little something from TerrEnce Clayton to hold us over until the real vision is brought to life (we not gon speak on it until we have it unlike other dumb face rapperers/producers. NO SHOTS)
Teddy says:

This is my Summertime Instrumental EP. It continues the story of the Ro’s Son Instrumental Album. Summer 2006 is when I was forced to grow in life.

TerrEnce Clayton – Summer ’06 EP


Blood Orange havin a laff while Samantha is asleep on a Wednesday night (aka drake cover)

Dev covers Drake grooviest toon “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

Really I just wanted to say the other morning Dev Hynes BKA Blood Orange posted a link to a mixtape on the tweetster and then deleted it and said powers that be told him take it down. Then he DELETEd ALL THAT SHIT! & them tweeters. I seent all that shit!!!! I want that fuckin tape!