Sample Wars: Inside My Love

I’ve posted this joint several times over the years. But here we are again as I was listening to  ATCQ “Lyrics To Go” and BAM here it is again. cuz we all know my infatuation with how Dilla flipped Minnie AND Trina’s version for the “Look Of Love Remix”. I mean it’s clear that I’m gonna stand by my love of Dilla’s flip but I really can’t believe I didn’t realize tribe flipped that shit too. prolly cuz theirs has like 3 other samples too. whatevs. this choice is yours

ps. i had this post queued for weeks. but youtube seems to have activated something that stops certain video from playing on mobile. JERKS

Sam vs Otis

2 very different renditions of the same song. I see the direction Otis was going here. But I just don’t think he fully realized the potential in doing the song his own way. Then the duet? No thank you. Sam sings the hell this baby. It’s on the short list for my favsies by Mr Cooke. Get your mans Devs! He’s 0-3 in this piece.

I know I laughed when you left
But now I know I only hurt myself
You know I’ll always be your slave
‘Til I’m buried, buried in my grave”

*also, that’s Lou Rawls on Sam’s b/g vocals. How awesome is that?!?

**oh yeah. I also just got this on 45. Bitches!