Take you home

The Paxton’s repurposed this song and made it their own. This the proper to something like this. And they did it YEARS ago. I know people been re-using songs for years and sampling and blah blah. But in today’s climate the radio is filled will 90’s redux. the Paxtons were on it early and did it RIGHT

Ps I posted the song where the original hook was jacked from a few weeks ago. Find it.

Sample Wars: Inside My Love

I’ve posted this joint several times over the years. But here we are again as I was listening to  ATCQ “Lyrics To Go” and BAM here it is again. cuz we all know my infatuation with how Dilla flipped Minnie AND Trina’s version for the “Look Of Love Remix”. I mean it’s clear that I’m gonna stand by my love of Dilla’s flip but I really can’t believe I didn’t realize tribe flipped that shit too. prolly cuz theirs has like 3 other samples too. whatevs. this choice is yours

ps. i had this post queued for weeks. but youtube seems to have activated something that stops certain video from playing on mobile. JERKS

Willie Mitchell this is your fault.

After listening to my current favsies track off Apollo Brown’s Thirty Eight “Learn The Meaning” I was certain it was the same sample used in that classic Kanye song. “Getting Out the Game”

I remembered it was an Al Green sample. Did the knowledge and found it.

I was ready to be happy and call it quits but the vocal sample didn’t match. So I dug deeper and found the actual origin sample for Learn The Meaning and ’twas this!

Ann Peebles “Until You Came Into My Life”. Now that everything was in order I wondered why I was fooled. And it turns out Al Green’s I’m Still In Love With You was released in 1972 where Ann Peebles I Can’t Stand The Rain was released in 1974. And get this, THEY HAD THE SAME PRODUCER! Willie Mitchell! He basically recycled Al Green’s “What A Wonderful Thing Love Is” and turned it into Ann Peebles’ “Until You Came Into My Life”. Thus solved the mystery of 2 similar sounding samples from similar sounding songs.

Yes I’m a nerd and this stuff is what interests me.