Willie Mitchell this is your fault.

After listening to my current favsies track off Apollo Brown’s Thirty Eight “Learn The Meaning” I was certain it was the same sample used in that classic Kanye song. “Getting Out the Game”

I remembered it was an Al Green sample. Did the knowledge and found it.

I was ready to be happy and call it quits but the vocal sample didn’t match. So I dug deeper and found the actual origin sample for Learn The Meaning and ’twas this!

Ann Peebles “Until You Came Into My Life”. Now that everything was in order I wondered why I was fooled. And it turns out Al Green’s I’m Still In Love With You was released in 1972 where Ann Peebles I Can’t Stand The Rain was released in 1974. And get this, THEY HAD THE SAME PRODUCER! Willie Mitchell! He basically recycled Al Green’s “What A Wonderful Thing Love Is” and turned it into Ann Peebles’ “Until You Came Into My Life”. Thus solved the mystery of 2 similar sounding samples from similar sounding songs.

Yes I’m a nerd and this stuff is what interests me.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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