Wondering why this wasn’t on my phone but it’s cuz it was on my stolen laptop not the homegirl’s from which I restored my phone. =\ Japanese bonus track I believe.
Relevant cuz feels

Remember me? I’m the one that’s back from over
Time’s gone by and I’m still so far from over
You reappeared like you had never been gone
I lose composure
You’re touching me like you have no desire for closure


Did you lie awake like I did
I stayed up ’til the stars didn’t recognize me
So long
I waited so long
Now you don’t see the skies that I do
My sun becomes your moon

For a familiar love
I am familiar love

J NICS – The Voice


Miami Native J NICS knows his roots and has been known to show his respect for the game by paying homage over timeless classics. Today, he gives love to one of the most legendary duos in Hip-Hop, Gang Starr, by putting his personal touch on their record “The Voice”. The idea came to him during a conversation with his friend Bernz of ¡MAYDAY! who said he could picture NICS bars over the Premo production. Needless to say he took his advice and here is the final product. R.I.P. to Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal (GURU)! All respect due.