Tanya Morgan Rubber Souls 9/24

My good pals Tanya Morgan (for realsies they my pals) are releasing Rubber Souls on Sept 24. You should definitely Pre-order the DELUXE EDITION cuz it’s full of great things like the CD or Vinyl and a T Shirt and other dandies. Or at least preorder the iTunes version. C’mon. C’mon!! Stay tuned as the release singles, videos, merch and THE ALBUM, DUH! So support!!

Track list:

1. For Real
2. The Day I
3. The Only One ft. Tiara Wiles, Mike Maven, Spree Wilson & Rocki Evans
4. Never Too Much ft. Nitty Scott, MC
5. All Em ft. Outasight
6.Pick It Up
7. More ft. Rocki Evans
9. Worldmade
10. The Vehicle ft. Spec Boogie & 6th Sense

Bonus tracks TBA

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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