Tiny Hearts – Stay EP

This be that super hot fires. Peace to Waajeed still doing his thing.

Tiny Hearts – Stay EP

The comrades of Tiny Hearts ® (Waajeed, Dede Reynolds, Tim K) met at a bar beneath the J train in New York City. Cadillac margaritas and invisible hands pushed the three to a southside basement for a late night listening session. Resulting remixes led to original mixes, and the group was formed. Voices from the beyond, esoteric concepts and milkshake metrics all played a role in this groups’ fruition. The result: a reflection of intention.

Lee MUTHAFUCKIN Fields (& The Expressions)

I been a fan of Lee Fields & The Expressions since the 09 drop of My World. He’s been with The Expressions since 02 with, Problems (I need that album), and just last year released Faithful Man. But this man has been making SOUL music since 1969 JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! He’s STILL making that trill old school soul today. Has a bit of a modern twist to it though, just a lil bit. And best believe NO ONE is doing it like this OG. It’s beautiful, passionate, it’s REAL. I’m gonna go see him (& The Expressions) live on Saturday 9/21 at Beach Ball Fest in Santa Monica (along with the one and only Aloe Blacc and Allen Stone and a few others). Won’t you join me? It’s going to be just delightful