Peyton wins Manning bowl, says “Eli? I hate that MFer”

Not 100% sure but I’m like 99% percent sure that Peyton told Eli how much of a bitch he is right here. But for realsies. We 2-0, hoes. Most of the first half was SLOW. Especially the first qtr. rookie Montee Ball fumbled a would be touchdown in the 1st and that led to the resurrection of Knowshon Moreno. Who went from making the roster by the skin of his teeth to the RB we featured. Scored 2 beautiful TD’s and prolly turned himself into the #1 RB for the time being. Although we still expect Ball to eventually be the man.
The game was paltry 10-9 at half. The only TD being Moreno’s 20 yd run on a sweep right with PERFECT blocking. 1TD!! Considering that the Manning bros combined for 11 TD chucks last week, well this was unacceptable and wouldn’t stand. And it didnt. Although there was more RUNNING. We, The Fantasical Broncos, scored on a short throw to Wes Welker. And another Knowshon Moreno scamper, this one for 25 yds. Brandon Jacobs scored on a 1 yd run that came after 3 phantom flags gave the Giants 3 bogus automatic 1st downs. COMPLETE BULLSHIT! ¡MIERDA! I said! But we were still in control despite the refs best effort. I think the head official was CJ Ross, just sayin. 24-16. Got it? Good. After an interception of brother Eli. We quickly score on an 11 yd toss 2nd year breakout TE Julius Thomas. 31-16. Giants then get the ball and fail. Punt to 5′-5″ (FIVE FOOT FIVE FCKING INCHES) former track star, Trindon Holiday. AND BANGBANG! 81 punt return to make it 38-16. At which point Jerome “I’m a jerkass giants fan” Dickens conceded defeat to me via tweeter and took one of the many seats available to him. Da’Rel Scott scored again later but the game was sealed. And for good measure we added a FG 41-23. BANGMUTHAFUCKINBANG!

Quick thoughts:
1.We dropped a lot of fucking passes. Wes Welker and Eric Decker were the main culprits. Just the same as in week 1. This is troubling and something to continue to watch as the season rolls on.
2. We are still down our 2 best defensive players in Champ and Von “theQBKiller” Miller. We look awfully good without them. My guess is they’ll make us great.
3. 2nd straight game where the refs make dreadful calls against us. Also SUPER LATE with the flags, as if remembering “oh yeah we gotta screw the broncos. DUH. *throws flag*. I need to hear about refs being reprimanded for their horrid calls. BUT the NFL protects even the worst of the refs with all their power. So SADFACES to that trend.

2 and 0, HOES