Isaiah Rashad – Shot U Down

So the homie Zay played this for us in the car like 4 months ago. And now since he gave the green light on the leak I’m guessing they on na roll him out finally. Welp. Hopefully we get that work I before he blows up and lee us in the wind. He IS my current favorite rapper. Been saying this since he sent me the Gusto video.

CJ Ross taking indefinite leave. The world to her: “and don’t come back! … Bitch!”

And according to this here report on ESPN the current scum of the sports world, and rightfully so, CJ Ross (pictured above), will stepping down. It’s “indefinitely” so that bitch could come back. I don’t foresee a situation where she’d be chosen to judge a big fight. BUT this boxing where they seem to Love shooting themselves in the foot. Alas, the wicked witch is gone, for now, so let us rejoice and sing merry songs.