Isaiah Rashad – I Shot You Down [video]

So this what Zay shot when he went back to Chatt. What else you shoot Zay?! This kid gon take over the game for realsies
And I guess today’s the OFFICIAL day we can say he’s signed to TDE. Jesus it seems like we had to shut up forever. Even though jerks been leaked it (Rosenberg [well he dry snitched], missinfo. Mikey rocks. Among others)

Stood Me Up

Some people seem to always be surprised by my taste in music. I mean if you’ve followed me here for any amount of time you I Love WAKA FLOCKA, The xx, Santigold, Lana Del Rey, Madonna, DOOM, you get the point. Call it what you want (eclectic, to be cheesy) but I just Love it all. Especially hiphop, DUH. but I’ve always had a soft spot for electro synth-y pop (hello’s, the 80’s, I sonically miss you). Synth Pop is for the gawds. And these days indie (synth) pop is booming and lovely (except for the hipsters. I hate you hipsters. But if you’re a hipster in one of the dope bands you ONLY get a pass when performing the music. Otherwise I hate you and your hipsterism).

But really this just reminded me of a time when my dear, Kendra (Kendra is no longer with us. No, not dead. She just moved back home to DC *insert infinity sad faces here*), asked “What are you listening to?”. It was a question asked in a general term. I rang off a few names then listed a few others I’d yet to get to. Then her response, which is one of the most beautiful things ever said to me, was, *with a giant smile* “you always have the best music.” I keep that with me. She’ll never know how much that little statement meant to me. Unless she reads this. Which I don’t think she will. /pointlessramblingstory