Key! – Fathers Are The Curse [#FATHERSARETHECURSE]

I MEAN AGAIN FINALLY, KEY!!!!!! Now kiss and make up with the crew AGAIN… but for realsies I would’ve prefered All In over Recoup but I’m not mad cuz I still enjoy Recoup. But listen this shit cuz Key! dope. #two9forever

Key! – Fathers Are The Curse [#FATHERSARETHECURSE]



9/11/01. We all know what happened that day… JAY-Z RELEASED THE BLUEPRINT AND FABOLOUS DROPPED GHETTO FABOLOUS AND OUR LIVES WERE NEVER THE SAME! I mean I stabbed hard for the kid Fab. Hearin him on Clue tapes (which I seemed to be one of the only kids on the NY mixtape scene, why you thinks I always had the hottest mixes at school? Sellin them hoes 3 dollars a pop “I don’t care what you put on it just make me one”). Then bam he in the mainstram limelight and I was lovin it. Then you have The Blueprint. Jay’s true holy grail. I mean you could argue Reasonable Doubt and I’d probably agree, but let’s be real, The Blueprint is his seminal piece of work. And although it’s not without flaw, he proved to the world that he was light years ahead of everyone else and ruler of the rap game. Also, a legit pop star. Even white folks know Girls Girls Girls & Song Cry. Those aren’t even your typical crossover songs. And although Kanye & Just Blaze were makig names for themselves, their work on this album basically pushed them into elite terriotry. Prefacing the gawds they’ve come to be today. 9/11/01. #neverforget

There are NO early Fab video on YouTube. Prolly cuz he was on Elektra and they don’t exist and whoever has the rights is bitter…. I mean technically they do. They were absorbed by Warner cuz they died for a few years. Whatevs.