NFL Sunday week 1: sweet glory has returned

As you may know yesterday was the National holiday known as the first Sunday of football season! And from hence forth every Sunday until the Super Bowl in February will be dedicated to the oblong shaped ball. Women will either join in or shut the entire fuck up (same for men who don’t watch football, but them is really womens sooooo). And here are a few thought for week 1:

Now is NOT THE TIME TO JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS! Calvin Johnson had 47 yrds. Peyton threw for 7 TD’s. giants had 6 TO’s. the Raiders almost won and Terrelle Pryor looked (mostly) GOOD. It’s one week chills out.

Kap looked like Jesus throwing the football. I mean like AMAZING. He scrambled for time and hit right spots. Looking like a Wiley vet. If he plays like this always? Geezus I don’t wanna ever see the 49ers with real receivers.

Cowboys Tampa 2 forced a lot of turnovers (some lucky) and gave up big plays. This is basically the Tampa 2 always. Occupy the MLB and throw to the space between the safeties. Easy peasy

I feel like I’m overly excited about the Bengals being a contender. Hard Knocks aside they have A LOT of talent (young too). Can Dalton be the man to lead them to glory ?

Arizona might lowkey be a good team. Watch out.

Personal fouls were called heavy and they were mostly right. Chill out guys. And Clay Matthews needs a huge fine and suspension for that grossly late and violent hit on Kap.

Today’s gospel.

We ain’t trippin’ on none of you clowns (not at all)
Freeband Gang, we good
Yeah… turn up!
Don’t EVER turn down.

The gospel as spoken by Bishop TD Future. The book of Psalms if I’m not mistaken. Now go forth with today’s lesson and apply to yo lyfes today. I’m GOOD! YOU’RE GOOD! WE’RE ALLLLLLLL GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Can I get a TURN UP!