Broncos 3-0 on all you hoes!

Another dominate performance. Notice to say really. Peyton threw where eve he wanted whenever he wanted. Set a career high for completion % in a game at 87% and broke one them fake/arbitrary NFL records (most passing TDs in first 3 games with 12). Decker and Welker didn’t suffer from the dropsies which is a good sign. Dominate defensive performance with Bailey missing a 3rd straight game. My guess is he is chillin cuz we killin. But depending on the severity of Tony Jackson’s injury we might need him to come back in case we get thin in the secondary. Pass rush looked good too. 3 down, 3 to go, Von Miller. Positive for the scum of the earth (aka the raiders): Pryor looks damn good. Going forward there’s a lot of potential. They have a dynamic young receiving core. I like the rookie Hayden. He’s gonna be a good one. But that’s it. They need A LOT of help but this year is kinda just a stop-gap. Maybe next year we renew the rivalry cuz y’all suck.


Oddisee – Own Appeal

So in addition to The Beauty In All on October 1st. Oddisee is releasing a mixtape with it! SCORE! The tape is entiteled Tangible Dream. The sample in this song is also used in another very familiar very popular song and I can’t remember for shit so I’m just gonna listen to it over and over until I die from not remembering
Oddisee – Own Appeal