Master chef cookin

[insert picture here cuz I didn’t take one cuz my phone was being used as iPod DJ]

I made chicken Alfredo. From scratch. That Alfredo sauce was FIRE! Way better than store bought. The pan didn’t quite work for a blackened chicken. So it was more like a well seasoned baked chicken LOL. But it was flames son. Danni the jap and Fresco enjoyed the meal with me.

A wish

At 11:11(pm) on 11/11/11 I made a wish. Childish yes. But it’s good to stay in touch with your inner child. I find that’s where my creativity stems. Anywho. My wish? “A wish for wings that work”. It’s very figurative. And based off of a children’s book of the same title. My favorite book as a child. I know what I mean. If you do too? Well that’s great. Catch my wave.