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So. This The Law Of Superheroes book speaks to your inner nerd. It takes nerding to new heights. Plus, I’m the jerk that watches movies and cartoons and says “they destroyed the entire city, who’s paying for that? Yeah he saved the city but he DESTROYED it in doing so!” And that’s part of the appeal of this book. I’ve also spent an inordinate amount of time considering what it’d be like if heroes or monsters or zombies or Pokemon were actually real. How much time is “inordinate”? Waaay too much. I will say that since I’ve begun the book (65 pages deep this far). I enjoy it and grasp everything they are talking about. That said, having a firm grasp of the constitution, the law, legal precedents and statutes would make this book even more enjoyable. Nerdy lawyers will cum on themselves reading this shit. Where I’m left with a lonely boner. It’s still awesome though.

Next is The Magician King. The sequel to The Magicians. I haven’t started it yet but I picked up the first book based on a “crude” comparison to Harry Potter. I was told “it’s like Harry Potter for adults”. It’s NOTHING like the Harry Potter series. The only thing they have in common. Magic and magic school. Done. The magic in Lev Grossman’s series is much more technical and school is such a small part of the story. And there is no “Neo” type character as Harry was. Or maybe there is idk. I haven’t started the 2nd book of which is supposedly part of an as yet finished trilogy. Fantastical whimsy and Love are 2 things I live for (read: The Night Circus!!!!) and this is full of the former. Love? Ehhh but still my type of book. I would describe it as Harry potter meets Narnia for adults. But even then that’s still a crude comparison. For frame of reference, it works.

Read you jerks! Knowledge is Power!

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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