@theehof – PHUDHD

so today I talked to Ted about something I said I’d do for months (years actually, smh). I’m gonna listen to some of the random submissions I get and post them. whether I hate them, love them, or they don’t motivate me at all. I’ll give my honest thoughts.

this? beat is cool. nothing special. lyrically unmoving. not terrible, but is it memorable? not in the least. this is the no man’s land of the rap game that i always talk about. video is cool tho. *shrugs* maybe the next one will be incredibly awful or terribly awesome. either way it’d be a talking point. OHHH the artwork  (down below) for his project Magick? DOPE

Safety Not Guaranteed

Kenneth: To go it alone or to go with a partner. When you choose a partner you have to have compromises and sacrifices, but it’s a price you pay. Do i want to follow my every whim and desire as I make my way through time and space? absolutely. But at the end of the day do I need someone when I’m doubting myself and I’m insecure and my heart’s failing me? Do I need someone who, when the heat gets hot, has my back?
Darius: So, do you?
Kenneth: I do.

James Watts – Good/Grief EP

Continuing my recent trend of actually listening to music I listened to this project on a whim. And boy am I glad I did. The production grabbed me (DUH! That’s what thee EFFS I look for first!). Lyrically the kid is nice. He’s not a super lyrical miracle spitter. More like he puts his rhymes together well and gives you his story in his way. It’s very sincere. That’s is very meaningful to me. Listen to this shit

James Watts – Good/Grief EP