In a flash

Seems like we’ve been through it all already
We will battle again
But will you still be here when the smoke clears?
Inhibitions abound.
What happened to love without the fear?
Are the cheers just smoke & mirrors?
Are you hiding from me or yourself?
Love can’t pay the bills, but it’s a whole ‘nother level of wealth
Sickness and health? We ain’t made those vows
Yet & still, I am bound by my word to give you everything.
And give, I will. Until I have nothing.
Fall and I’ll catch you
Used to say that I’ll match you
Nay. I want to give you more than you could ever give me.
It’s not about paying back or owing you.
It’s about showing you.
Fuck the lectures
Grand gestures.
My actions will speak volumes my voice could never replicate
I pray I get the chance
Cuz it could be gone in a flash
Like that….