Nigel Sylvester x Gatorade x Donnis– Go All Day | Video

Word to E-Dub :
Nigel Sylvester teamed up with Gatorade to release the first video in a series that shows his unique life as a pro BMX rider. The video is one of three to be released — all of which were conceptualized and written by Nigel and Glenn PP Milligan. The videos show just how crazy Nigel’s life is on and off a bike, and has a cool storyline woven throughout the three videos.

This first video, “The Night Episode,” shows Nigel as he cruises the streets of New York City after dark, with fellow riders Ralphy Ramos, Tyrone Williams and Ralphy Bury, and follows them from bike to boutique to bar.

‘Your kiss is’

‘…The sweetest language that I know’
A few drinks.. Then you occupy my mind
‘It’s all for you it’s all for you it’s all for you’
Can’t escape. When I think I’m gone, it’s an illusion
‘Let me be you favorite nightmare’
I’ll never understand. Maybe I don’t want to. Maybe I want to live in a dream world
‘Love ain’t up to me but leave it up to me I love you’
But it doesn’t even matter.