Close to you

Realized today could very well be the last I see of you… Hurts my soul… Ruining my mind

Why do birds suddendly appear,
Everytime you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you

**normally in these moods I listen to dark hiphop (think early dame grease production for DMX). Or DOOM. Or rarely some sappy r&b. Today ’twas the carpenters.

***corny? Maybe. Ask me if I care

Thr33zy McFly “iPhon3” mp3 & ringtone

As the anticipation for the new iphone4 peaks today, Thr33zy McFly will join the millions around the world to have their hands on the newest iPhone4 & decides to drop a song in adoration of the greatest phone ever made “iPhon3”!!! From his upcoming solo album “Sinatraz On Tllt”… and get ready for the Fusion Technique album coming soon featuring A.T !!! Enjoy!

Thr33zy – iPhon3

iPhon3 rin

Draft day 2010!

Today is the fuckin draft baby! Ths year’s draft is out of control. Outside of wall and turner no one knows WTF is gonna happen. So we’ll see where my favorite players go. (I’m still mad that Brandon Jennings fell to 10 last year). I’ll do a pick by pick recap and my opinions of the picks tomorrow, cuz I want to make sure all trades are accounted for.

Hawdwerk – Off The Clock

West Covinas own Hawdwerk is back with his latest mixtape Off The Clock. Hosted by the good folks of Homegrown Radio Dj Chuck Dizzle (93.5 Kday, homegrown radio) and blended by Dj Hed (blu division official dj, homegrown radio), this is a mixtape in its truest form. With help from a list of respective artists including Curtiss King, Blakface, Noa James, and Poetic Force; Hawdwerk delivers a straight to the point collection of tracks, touching on various topics, and leaving listeners with an open ear for what he has coming next. Available for FREE download

Hawdwerk – Off The Clock