Graveyard convo

Talked to my boss at work. About a lot of things. She def made me appreciate the things beast and SwaggedOutP did for me. Miss you…. And she told me bout her (failing) marriage. I give it a year. Sad. Talked about her chirrens. Of course made me miss 4-5… I just rather enjoyed the conversation. Even if she interrupted my nap. Lol.

**it’s someone bday today. I cant remember who. So merry bday whoever you are.

A start

My heart’s on strings and she knows just the ones to pull
I been tryin to write ‘us’ off like that was just a bunch of bull
Such a fool. For you. Cuz I keep waiting
Putting myself thru the ringer heart slowly deflating
Somehow you always pick it back up at just the right time
I love that you can read my mind
Or is it just a feeling?
She maybe you just don’t know and it’s just coincidence that you give me that healing
I may never have your heart but you surely possess mine
For reason at this moment that’s just fine
Cuz I’ve thrown myself out there to the mercy of the gods.
For even a sliver of hope. for the tiniest piece of you
I once had the whole thing. So now anything will do
Losing my mind. Tearing myself apart. For you
Even when I next to you were miles apart.
Somehow I need to get closer.
Even one step is a start.