Journeys of a writer

If you look on the right. That Wasted Talent ‘banner’. Click it. And purchase a very inspiring body of work. This is NOT a solicitation post. This book further inspired my writing. He has given me plenty of advice (thru the magic of tweeter). Most of which amounts to me letting go and living thru the pen. Pain, suffering etc. Must be fought thru. So I can rightfully express myself whether I’m sharing or not.

Now you only see one or two sides of the depth of my subject matter and style of writing. I prefer to write about said subject and in such a style. The subject is Love is Pain. I’ve had a lot of very inspiring talks with beast. One in particular is Love vs Pain. My thing is love IS my pain, so I’m writing from that. I need to broaden that though. It can’t only be bad. Positive pieces take me longer. But that could lead to better, more thought out and deeper meaning. I need to not pigeon hole my emotions. That narrative I wrote. I love it (another thing I’m doing is reading my work and admiring some of it. Normally I write it. And never come back to it) But I could’ve done even better. I may explore more similar type work. To recapture my feelings in a certain moment. Rather than how I feel at this very moment. Hopefully that make everything else flow easier. I’ve had quite the internal struggle lately. As much as I wanna be brighter. I also wanna be that much more dark. Go to a deep place that you’re not ready to see. If you ever read these, whether you know me or not. And wonder ‘is he ok?’ just know. That I am not. I’m never ok. I just tell you I am cuz I don’t anyone worrying about me. I don’t trust anyone. And at any given moment no one ever knows how I feel or what I’m thinking. And that’s how my life needs to be. Cuz I’m not ok and I won’t be. You’ll never care enough to bring me back to life.

*for any critics. I write things how they come to mind. I know proper grammar. Syntax. Punctuation. And spelling. But I do things on purpose whether you see it or not. And some things are only for me to know why. Or a specific person(s) (if they can understand at what point I’m speaking to them that is). I’m just much more concerned with how it sounds in MY head not yours.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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