Turn Me Up Some

So it’s 2002. We still recovering from an AMAZING 4th quarter of hiphop releases in 2001. The Blueprint. Ghetto Fabolous. Stillmatic. Come Home With Me. Genesis. Just to name a few off top. I’ve become familiar with this Jay Dee/Dilla cat. Fantastic Vol 2 dropped in 1999 but we was wild late on it. It’s incredible. And just as I learn about the gawd I also learn the upcoming Slum album won’t be helmed by Dilla. He’s not in the group anymore. Sad faces. But I’m also learning of all the songs he’s produced over the years and they are songs I hold very dear to my heart (back then and even to this day). Also learn that this “The Ummah”, I’ve heard and read about, is something he’s apart of (and there’s still debates and “stories” over what he did and what Tip did. But I digress). Now I been a Busta fan since I saw that Scenario video at 5 years old (the video, along with Nuthin But A G Thang, that started my torrid Love affair with hiphop). So it was a no brainer to get It Ain’t Safe No More. Especially since Genenis was fires. I find out that Jay Dee produced the title track Genesis and I’m mind blown (I had a bootleg copy). So as I’m listening to It Ain’t Safe I instantly recognize Dilla’s appearance. And this shit here?! It blew my fuckin mind. And I’d venture to tell you this is one of his mild sauce beats. If he even has any. It’s just something he does that no one else can do. Many producers have a signature sound but Jay’s signature sound isn’t something I can describe. It’s just a feeling. He captures that feeling every time. Whether he chops a soul sample beyond recognition or gives you that hardcore boom bap. He gives you his soul. It’s just beautiful.

“Take me one more wave”

Of all the stars I admired, drenched
in various rivers and mists,
I chose only the one I love,
Since then I sleep with the night.

Of all the waves, one wave and another wave,
green sea, green chill, branchings of green,
I chose only the one wave,
The indivisible wave of your body

All the waterdrops, all the roots
all the threads of light gathered to me here;
they came to me sooner or later

I wanted your hair all for myself
From all the gaces of my homeland offered
I chose only your savage heart.