Denver Broncos 6-0. We da best


I was gonna write a recap but c’mon. It’s the jags. Worst team in the NFL. Even worse than the Giants. Champ is back. A little rusty but BACK! And next week we get Von Fucking Miller!! I will say that the opening line was Broncos -28 whic tied the all time record. It closed at -26.5. After Gabbert was announced out and the slightly more competent Henne named a starter. That’s funny. We didn’t cover but a win is a win. 6-9 on you hoes.

Yeah kid, Harlem on the rise

So this was Just Blaze first major placement (and also getting placement on this album was Kanye West. What a fucking coincidence!!). Me & TerrEnce been talking about, quoting and championing this song for over a decade. Which seems kinda weird thinking about it now. Hell I even threw up Baby Stase (that’s Ma$e sister btw) lyrics on tweeter @ Just and Just promptly completed the lyrics cuz we’re best friends like that. How amazing is it that he fucked with Ma$e?! Keeping count. Neptunes. Kanye. Just. All fucked with the gawd Ma$e. EARLY!!! Keep an eye out for bad boy legend and Harlem world affiliate turned and Muslim Loon in the video. Where is Stase and Cardan these days?