Why am I doin this to myself? Why am I putting up with it? Why do I want it? All the baggage?
Cuz it’s YOU. It’s all you. I know you. It feels right. You know it does. The tears say a lot. They show the love. The passion. The caring. All the things that you supposedly have run dry of. We’ll build. TOGETHER. We already have a strong foundation. We’re only gonna reinforce it before we build the monument that is our love. Slowly. And surely. Who knows maybe it’ll progress better than we think. You reached a little further and now look ?! In such a short time. Now reach a little more. I promise I won’t let you fall. wait. I lied. Cuz you are gonna fall. For me. Then we’ll walk hand in hand fighting for our dreams. So what do you say wonder woman? I say Let’s GO *puts out hand*