This is a poem CK (no Louis) left on my post about want to escape my own mind. It’s wonderful. It’s beautiful. Really speaks to how I feel; my state of mind. Also takes me back to middle school when I was heavy into poetry:

Where am I?
And where can I
Toss behind
My long lost mind?

There is no comfort in mine.

Fulfillment is too rare
Left alone to fight despair
No one seems to realize or care
Lids open, my real eyes see theirs

And I know they have never lost their mind.

I dive into the wreckage…

A storm of thinking, I can’t subside it,
I hope happiness glimmers inside it.

I need to find joy and need to hide it
I need to find time instead of bide it

I’ve done this before, so again I tried it.

I know my choice, but I don’t decide it.

I sought fiercely, but the storm denied it.

Mentally grasping,
Physically gasping,
I cried it:

“Where am I?!,”
Wanting to be rid of my long lost mind