11:08pm est. 8:08pm pst. Peace be with you brother.

I heard about this in 08 and chose to ignore it. I sincerely apologize. I’d also like to thank Big Boi of outkast for using his image and status as an outlet to bring information to the people.

Your freedom isn’t free. Your rights aren’t guaranteed. Remember that. Remember this. Beyond today. No matter the final outcome.

I am Troy Davis
I am Sean Bell
I am Oscar Grant
We are each other


HonkyKong is Fresco’s new moniker. Anyway. This nigga’s narcoleptic ways are hilarious to me. Mid convo LIGHTS OUT! lol. He did it again like 20minutes ago on the phone. I listened to it for 2-3 minutes. I laughed the entire time. Then I hung up cuz I was off work. But yeah. Hilarious.

** I love getting off work when it’s still dark outside. It’s comforting. Dates back to high school when I’d leave for school round 6am. Or when wandering the streets at night with literally no place to go… Just me, my backpack, and my music. (back then a CD player and MAD cd’s… Right?!). happy friday to you all. (today’s my Friday. But since I’m on call technically I could end up working ‘saturday’ and ‘sunday’ like last week when I worked ‘saturday’.)