09-10 NBA Rookie of the Year prediction

act_brandon_jenningsTyreke Evans game is too smooth. When Ray Allen retires I’ll say Tyreke has the smoothest game in the league. Combo guard with range and plays D.

Brandon Jennings has game changing ability as a passer and scorer from the 1. I think the Knicks will regret the decision to not draft him for years. Hell even the Twolves and Warriors.

I’ve had them penicled in since preseason. but i decided to post this now. we’ll see! The season has started off great

daily deuce (7)

censoredThis was supposed to be the subject of the 2nd daily deuce but well I got a little (read: super duper) side tracked.


Easy concept. Not easily executed. Not by me at least. I say a whole lot of shit I don’t mean. That “there’s always a little truth behind any joke” does not hold water with me. I’ll tell the person I love most the worst thing I can think, and expect her to take it lightly. I’ve realized I’m the one with the flawed logic. Not others.

This being said. I don’t think Ill change much. I’ll try to tone it down when it comes to her. If I want her to know how I feel and I’m always joking and being outrageous how will she know when I want to be serious. How will anyone for that matter.

This also falls in the the “do unto others” “golden rule”. I treat people like shit. I expect shit from people. BUT there are a select amount of people that do right by me. I must take it upon myself to at least do right by them. Right? Have I turned a new leaf as far improving as a person. NO. Am I gonna try and be a little more nice and not say wild shit to people that matter? YES.