Love I should let you go
You’ve been no good to me
No good for me
Wasting my existence chasing you
When you show no signs of life
For me
Can’t enjoy anything
You’ve ruined everything
What’s worse is we both know where you should be
But I can’t let go
Won’t leave it alone
There’s more than just the surface.
I know you all too well
I’d much rather live in hell
So I guess I do it to myself
Keep you tucked away on the top shelf
Never to have but always to remember
JUST maybe one day we’ll dust it off
Try again? I thought you’d never ask
And you haven’t.
Life everywhere but I’m on this lonely planet
Prisoner of the mind. Chains around my heart
There’s no REstart
Staring at the sky’s blue
Only thought: I got my eyes on you

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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