Ason Groovz – Visions

This kid sent me this a while ago and I meant to post it. Never did though. My bad. It’s not perfect. But I remember the hearing the first 2 tracks and being intrigued. He could use some better quality to his sound but there’s plenty potential. Hit him here: @godofgroovz

Ason Groovz – Visions


Never end process.

Reshaping my mind has been a long journey. I FEEL it though. I FEEL the changes. I seek knowledge with reckless abandon. It’s not necessarily a bad thing BUT I don’t know everything. This is ok. And I should channel and focus that energy to seek something worthwhile. And the FEELing part? It feels as though once and for all I’ve settled my brain. It’s not a thousand miles an hour thinking of any and everything. Nope. I don’t need to know it all. I’m never gonna have all the answers (no sway). And some answers present themselves when they are ready, or when I am ready to see/accept them. This is just one part of my growth but something that has been very necessary to grasp.

I’ve been quick to change some things. Slow learning and enacting with others. In my process of evolution I’ve come a long way but I am constantly & ever changing. And now it’s for the better. To be even better? I must give my entire self away. To my new mind sets. It’s a dangerous line to be a “practical realest” when I have such abstract beliefs about life. Time to fully embrace that side and set aside my old ways. Old habits die hard, but die they must. I’m in a new era in my life. It’s time to embrace that and become the man I’ve always meant to be. And just BE.