Jimmy Carlin – Flippity Flop Pit Stop (MYSTERY SKATEBOARDS)

found this at E-Dub‘s internets home. This is some of the best skating I’ve ever seen. SUPER TECH!

**now I want to start skating again more than ever

Trick List for you non skating ignit bastids
-the chetty thomas (Ghetto Bird)
-chill out (fakie fs full cab)(no hands)
-psycho white boy (late backfoot varial flip)
-chopper style (nolie 540 bigspin flip)
-fish out of water ( fakie dolphin flip)
-shark attack ( fakie 360 inward heel)
-double dolphin (double dolphin (forward) flip)
-ollie imposter (impossible flip)
-uptown kickdown (full cab late flip)

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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