The Birthday Show by JaQ Dutch. 4/5

Yo come fucks with my mans and his girl. She’s an amazing artist. On April 5th Jaq Dutch is having another art show. And it’s her bday. And guess what? All you gotta do is show up and drank wit us. And maybe, just maybe, buy some dope ass art from a local who’s bout to blow up. Spend $200 now. Sell it for $330383733738389 later.



And just like that I’m going to my first NFL game to see my favorite team. The Denver Broncos (yo ass shoulda knew that tho). Not only that, but it’s a weekend trip, a mini vacation, if you will. Me & Her. Can’t believe it. She did that. All on Her own. Amazing, She is.

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JaQ Dutch Art Exhibit opens on NYE

Come support Jaq Dutch on NYE! 6pm-1am! You should go there for your Pre-party fun. But some art. I did at her last exhibit (which was FANTASTIC). And if you can’t make it. No worries. It runs until 1/13! That’s 2 weeks! Get there early though. She might have all her pieces sold by then.
216 s Alameda Los Angeles, CA


I had a 4 day (unpaid 😦 ) weekend, so I took a sort of mini holiday (that’s vacation to ‘Mercia). I had a lovely thanksgiving (more like Lovesgiving). But it was really a phenominal 4 days. A sign of the future, in many ways. Something to strive for, work at, look forward to. Many sacrifices must be made. And I will make them. But the time, well, it was just perfect.

**i was gonna use Styles P “Holiday” but Madonna was much more appropriate for a number of reasons 😉