Tiny Hearts. Bootleg Theatre.


Saw them Tiny Hearts last night!!!

So Twinkie Lady made an appearance last night. She so mysterious. You never know when she gon pop up. Then BAM! She there. I got there early cuz I wanted to see SkinTown and let me tell you. BEST. DECISION. EVER. it’s like synth pop/r&b. it’s great. The chick can SANG! Her sexy dance moves need a little work. Although, she was doing the tootsie roll during her cover of a super pop rock song, so she’s the most perfect human being to ever walk the earth. She performed her heart out for like 15 people and I hope nothing but success for them. SkinTown fo lyfes

Then them Tiny Hearts took the stage and there was now like 30 people there. I fully expected this. I don’t the other group members rep before they formed this indie trio. But Waajeed (the producer/DJ/some b/g vocals of the group) is a legendary producer from Detroit. Still, they barely have 1000 followers on tweeter and a 4 song EP. They’ll just keep getting bigger. Ok. The performance. AWESOME! That DeDe can sang too. And the third guy, who’s name I forgot, was killin his use of the vocorder. Centerfold sounded better live, which I did not expect one bit. I like all 4 songs offered on the EP but let’s be real “Stay” is far and away the best and could be huge if given the proper shine. So when they did “Stay”? OMG based god. It was lovely. Waajeed’s vocals on the song set it off and then I blacked out. I remember this fog overtaking us and flying in the stars. Did they drug us? Maybe. Or maybe the music was just heavenly. Either or. They only did like 6-7 songs. That’s all they probably have. And they were all delightful. These are the best shows. Then the artists blow up and shows with 500+ people feel way less intimate (Cept The xx <3). It was beautiful.

PS. Now will they mail me the fuckin VINYL I ordered? Geez.

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