ECHO – Nutshell

Echo has a long ass explanation for this I I’ll let him tell it.

So…I got this beat from the homie Lu B and decided, I’m gonna rap over the whole damn thing without stopping and the lyrics are going to be a lot of what I believe in…all put into a…….”NUTSHELL”.

Some might even say that my beliefs make me a sort of a NUT (mentally), living inside of a SHELL (physically).

I prefer to be called a Ghost In The Machine. That phrase was used by Gilbert Ryle in his 1949 book The Concept of Mind to describe the dualism of Rene Descartes. According to Descartes, the human body might be a machine, but it only became a “person” when it was infused with an immaterial soul. The two thus produce a dualistic system of substances, one material and the other immaterial, neither or which could be reduced to the other. Ryle rejected and criticized this view, in his work.

This is my hip-hop “NUTSHELL”. Enjoy.



The same forces responsible for this beauty are the same forces responsible for yours.
When you smile?
You take my soul.
I’m nothing but yours.
Beauty isn’t just what you are.
It’s WHO you are
They say beauty only runs skin deep
Well that’s because they can only see the surface.
Beauty starts from the soul and works it’s way out
It doesn’t start from the outside to work it’s way inward
You are the physical manifestation of the beauty of the soul.
Your soul.
You connect the dots of the true holy trinity: the mind body & spirit.
Making each day brighter with your thoughts. Your smile. Your YOU
you cannot teach wisdom. You can only share it.
You give & share with us your all.
I am only grateful.

DOOMposter? I thinks not

09. Common & Friends. De La “set”. They started performing this song. I saw em do it at rock the bells the year before. So I was like oh ok. This cool. Then it happened. DOOM! The Supervillain himself walks out. I lose my shit. You’ll never convince that it was him. It was a charity concert. I don’t think De La is bringing out a DOOMposter. And he wasn’t yet deported (was he REALLY deported or did he go back to London and now they won’t let him back?). That will always be one of the best nights of my life. When you bring it up people who were there still rave about it and the people that missed it still regret it. Epic. Not to mention I was sharing the greatness with olwhatshername, in all her glory.