Operation: DOOMSDAY

15 years ago today the SUPERVILLAIN dropped his debut album. (Well as MF DOOM anyway). I’ve read about and listened to people tell a lot of stories about DOOM, and the only real facts I’m certain off is that he is one of the best and most creative artists we’ve ever seen.

DOOMposter? I thinks not

09. Common & Friends. De La “set”. They started performing this song. I saw em do it at rock the bells the year before. So I was like oh ok. This cool. Then it happened. DOOM! The Supervillain himself walks out. I lose my shit. You’ll never convince that it was him. It was a charity concert. I don’t think De La is bringing out a DOOMposter. And he wasn’t yet deported (was he REALLY deported or did he go back to London and now they won’t let him back?). That will always be one of the best nights of my life. When you bring it up people who were there still rave about it and the people that missed it still regret it. Epic. Not to mention I was sharing the greatness with olwhatshername, in all her glory.