Clippers keep it 3hunna

We 1-1. I want gonna open the season with a post about losing to the fucking JV Laker squad. But we RAN Golden State last night. Lob City was in full effect. In a 37 second span there was 3 straight steals that led to Blake Griffin lobs. THEN another steal that led to DJ catching a lob on someone for the and-1. We back baby!!! (c) Cooo-Stanza. JJ gonna get a lot of open looks for 3. Hopefully he knocks em down. Then we have da gawd CP3 he does this thing I really hate. Passes up open shots to pass to teammates. If you’re open my nigga SHOOT! In one instance he passed an open corner 3 up to force a pass inside that was stolen. UGHCK! But last night he went for 42pts and 15 assists. KEEP SHOOTING! So if CP3 averages 20ppg or something close. Things gonna be gravy. And hopefully DJ and Blake continue to grow into the wonder twins. Championship baby! It could happen. Right?